Product Description Template

If you’re looking for ways to document your Deliverable Product Description, then you can use this template. This document is used during the Software Development LifeCycle when you need to define the requirements for each deliverable. This free template helps you define the scope of work for this part of the development process and ties in with other technical documents.

1. Product title, purpose, start and due date

Give the title of the end product and its purpose. This may be a deliverable, a document or a piece of software.

2. Product Composition

Describe the main parts of the product. For example, divide it into different subproducts, or by indicating a draft table of contents.

3. Inputs and synchronization activities

Describe the inputs required (preconditions) from the different development teams and the synchronization activities needed to ensure that the input is at the right quality and delivered at the right time. The preconditions are what need to occur for the product owner to produce the product.

Identify when the input is required.

4. Product utilization by other developers

Describe how you expect the different developers to use the product or parts of it (postconditions). What happens after each part is completed?

5. Quality criteria

Describe the quality criteria that you wish the developers’ quality reviewers should follow. Make it as specific as possible.

6. Sign-off process

The purpose of the sign-off process is to ensure that each developer understands other developers’ work and to allow developers to influence the work.

A sign-off is an e-mail sent to the Product Description owner.

The first stage in the process is to approve the Product Description (A PD is issued, comments are collected, the PD is reissued and the developers send emails to sign it off.

The second stage is the sign-off of the product itself.

The draft Product is issued, comments are collected, the Product is reissued, and developers send emails to sign it off.

To do this in Excel, create a table and list the:

  • Stages
  • Actions
  • Days
  • Due Date
  • Team Member

In the left column, identify the document status, for example:

  • Draft
  • Comments
  • Final Draft
  • Sign off

Each development team member must nominate an individual that will be responsible for issuing comments and signing-off the Product Description and the product on their behalf.

The nominated individuals for each member to sign-off this product description and the User Requirements Specification are as follows:

  • Development Team: [enter name of team or unit] Nominated Individual [enter name]
  • Development Team: [enter name of team or unit] Nominated Individual [enter name]
  • Development Team: [enter name of team or unit] Nominated Individual [enter name]

As this is a technical specification, the ultimate sign-off will be from the lead technical co-coordinator.

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