11 Ways To Improve Peer Reviews

At the end of each phase of the Software Development LifeCycle, we arrange a peer review. You can use this free peer review template to get started and ensure that your team benefits for having their code, documents and deliverables checked by more experienced developers, writers and testers.

Peer Reviews Format & Guidelines

If you want to create a template, put the following at the top of the document:



Team Member:

Date Reviewed:

Then describe the steps to be taken for the reviewers:

‘Please complete the following form. You must attach a copy of the deliverable showing your corrections. Needed revisions must be clearly specified on this copy.’

Create a checklist as follows:

  1. Mistakes – Is the deliverable free of mistakes?
  2. Grammar – Is the deliverable free of grammar errors?
  3. Typing errors – Does the deliverable contain spelling errors?
  4. Wording – Is the wording clear and concise?
  5. Comprehensive – Was all feedback from previous versions evaluated?
  6. Format – Was the proper format for business documents used?
  7. Version – Was the version properly named?
  8. Consistent – Is this deliverable consistent with other deliverables?
  9. Readiness – Is the deliverable ready to be graded?
  10. Tasks – Are tasks listed for each technique?
  11. Root cause – Is the root cause consistent with business need on the systems request?

Include a comments section so that all evaluators can add their notes. Share the information with those involved in the review cycle.