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Describe how to develop information, hardware, and software.

Software Development LifeCycle Templates for Development Phase

The sixth phase in the Software Development LifeCycle is the Development Phase. We have now written technical documents for the Initiation, Concept Development, Planning, Requirements and Design phases. Next, we will write documents to show how to design develop the database, system, applications and other software tools.

10 Capitalization Rules for Technical Documents

Ever wondered if it’s ok to cap a letter in the middle of a document title? There are many golden rules in grammar and when to use capitals is one area where most of us trip up at some point. Last week, we looked at the most basic grammar mistakes you can make when using […]

How to Create Naming Conventions for Technical Documents

Yesterday we looked at how to create the first steps in your Document Control Procedure. We identified the team members and their roles during the documentation process. The next step is to create a naming convention that you can use across all documents during the Software Development LifeCycle. Documentation Naming Convention Guidelines Common document elements […]

Product Description Template

If you’re looking for ways to document your Deliverable Product Description, then you can use this template. This document is used during the Software Development LifeCycle when you need to define the requirements for each deliverable. This free template helps you define the scope of work for this part of the development process and ties in with other technical documents.

14 Questions For Interviewing Technical Writers

Here are some tips for interviewing tech writers, for example, if your company needs to hire a contractor to complete some documentation. I’ve worked on both sides on the fence in the past, (i.e. interviewed and been interviewed) and picked up a few things in the process. Hopefully, these will be of some help. A […]

What is Configuration Management?

This week we look at Configuration Management Planning and its role in the Software Development Lifecycle. Definition: Configuration Management focuses on: establishing and maintaining consistency of a product’s performance and its functional and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life. Configuration Management can be further defined as the management of […]