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10 More Capitalization Rules for Titles & Headings

Ever wondered if it’s ok to cap a letter in the middle of a document title? There are many golden rules in grammar and when to use capitals is one area where most of us trip up at some point. Last week, we looked at the most basic grammar mistakes you can make when using […]

Peer Review for System Requirements Specifications

A few weeks ago, we looked at Peer Reviews for Software Development LifeCycle projects. This week, we’re going to look at what you need to include when doing Peer Review for System Requirements Specifications. Reviewing System Requirements Specifications You can use the same free template we shared last time – email me if you don’t […]

5 Golden Rules of Capitalization in Software Documentation

How do you spell Yahoo? Most of us spell it like we say it, which is wrong… It’s Yahoo! not Yahoo. Why is this important? From one angle, it isn’t but if you want your documents to look professional, then you need to understand when and where to capitalize words. Where to start with Capitalization […]

11 Ways To Improve Peer Reviews for Software Development Projects

At the end of each phase of the Software Development LifeCycle, we arrange a peer review. You can use this free peer review template to get started and ensure that your team benefits for having their code, documents and deliverables checked by more experienced developers, writers and testers. Peer Reviews Format & Guidelines If you […]