Fact Sheet Template

Use this Fact Sheet template (MS Word) to summarize the key facts in your product. This fact sheet template provides readers with a 1-2 page overview of a product, program, issue, event or other topic. Fact sheets are frequently used to accompany a press release or along with marketing materials, for example, at a product launch.

Fact Sheet Word Template

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Fact Sheet: Definition

Fact sheets are often sent to Chief Information Officers, technology journalists, and other decision-makers when products are launched. While a fact sheet is essentially a sales document, it is written for a technical audience, so remember to balance the ‘buzz’ with technical information, statistics and other key facts.

Use this MS Word template as a guide for writing your own fact sheets. Delete any sections that do not fit your topic; add your own sections as needed. You can also use this for creating:

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Fact Sheet: Target Audience

The Target Audience for the Fact Sheet is of a technical nature, for example, IT Managers, CIOs, Product Managers, System Administrators, Technical Writers, Security Officers, Procurement Experts and others who evaluate software, systems and technical solutions.

Fact Sheet: Outline

The following is an example Fact Sheet outline:

Product Overview – While this document may accompany the sales pack, keep it as concise as possible. Fact sheets are often sent to the Chief Information Officers, technology journalists, and other decision-makers when products are launched.

Features – List the most interesting features first. These features should be what excites the readers and encourages them to contact you to learn more. In the first paragraph, introduce the topic, for example, an event, program, or product launch. Highlight the most important or compelling points—this section must catch the reader’s attention.

Contact information – Include contact information at the end of the Fact Sheet. Include copyright and trademark information.

The document may also highlight the name of the manufacturer, product name, unique features (for example, color, size, options) and related products.

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