Software Development LifeCycle Templates for Development Phase

The sixth phase in the Software Development LifeCycle is the Development Phase. We have now written technical documents for the Initiation, Concept Development, Planning, Requirements and Design phases. Next, we will write documents to show how to design develop the database, system, applications and other software tools.

Software Development LifeCycle Templates for Development Phase

This week we look at the Microsoft Word templates, guides and document for the Development phase. In this part of the Software Development LifeCycle, the IT Architects use the requirements gathered earlier in the process to design how the application works and the Design documents to develop how the application will work in a real environment.

The documents for this phase include:

Software Development LifeCycle Tasks & Activities for Development Phase

Tasks and activities for this phase include:

  • Coding and Testing Software
  • Integrating Software
  • Conducting Software Qualification Tests
  • Integrating System
  • Conducting System Qualification Testing
  • Installing Software
  • Documenting Software Acceptance
  • Revising Documentation

Next week, we show how to write software test documents for the SDLC Test Phase.

About the Author: Sandra Nielsen is a Software Development consultant who specializes in Waterfall, RUP and other software development methodologies. Download her free Microsoft Word templates at the Software Development Lifecycle Template Kit