Software Development LifeCycle Templates for Test and Integration Phase

The seventh phase in the Software Development LifeCycle is the Test and Integration Phase. We have now written technical documents for the Initiation, Concept Development, Planning, Requirements, Design and Development phases. Next, we will write documents to show how to test all aspects of the database, systems, applications and other software tools.

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Software Development LifeCycle Templates for Test and Integration Phase

This week we look at the Microsoft Word templates, guides and documents for the Testing phase. In this part of the Software Development LifeCycle, the Software Testers look at how the system is designed and test it based on the specifications and requirements.

The documents for this phase include:

Software Development LifeCycle Tasks & Activities for Test Phase

Tasks and activities for this phase include:

  • Testing Software
  • Creating Test Cases
  • Conducting System Qualification Testing
  • Installing Software
  • Documenting UAT
  • Updating Test Documentation
  • Setup Test Environment
  • Integration Tests
  • Subsystem/System Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Conduct Acceptance Testing

Test and Integration Phase Tasks

Other tasks in this phase include:

  • The Technical Lead will close the Software Development Document from the Development Phase. They will also signoff the Operations Guide, Systems Administration Manual, User Manual, Training Plan, Maintenance Manual, Conversion Plan, Implementation Plan, and Contingency Plan.
  • The Project Manager will finalize the System Security Plan and the Security Risk Assessment.
  • The Configuration Manager will finalize the Configuration Management Plan from the Planning Phase.
  • The Quality Assurance lead will close the Quality Assurance Plan from the Planning Phase.

Next week, we show how to write documents for the SDLC Deployment Phase.