Software Development LifeCycle Templates for Requirements Phase

The fourth phase in the Software Development LifeCycle is the Requirements Phase. We have now finished the documents for the Initiation, Software Concept Development and Planning phases. Next, we write the technical documents to capture user requirements, business requirements and functional specifications.

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Software Development LifeCycle Templates for Requirements Phase

This week, we look at the Microsoft Word templates, guides and manuals for the Planning phase. This is one of the most detailed parts of the Software Development LifeCycle and requires many technical documents.

These documents for this phase include:

Java & Software Development LifeCycle’s Requirements Phase

‘In large projects the requirements phase may be divided into a userview phase, producing use cases, and a requirements specification phase. The justification for doing this is that you can use the checklist for test plan development and acceptance testing.’

Quote from "Advanced Java Development for Enterprise Application" by Clifford J. Berg

Next week, we show how to write design documents for the SDLC Design Phase.

About the Author: Sandra Nielsen is a Software Development consultant who specializes in Waterfall, RUP and other software development methodologies. Download her free Microsoft Word templates at the Software Development Lifecycle Template Kit